Bloganuary—Advice to My Teenaged Self

So I just found out wordpress is giving us blogging prompts for the month of January—thus bloganuary!!! I’ve had a couple wordpress blogs in the past —years ago wordpress used to suggest daily blogging prompts and I had fun with those.

What advice would I give to my teenaged self? Would my teenaged self have followed any of this advice?

1)Make plans to become financially independent as soon as possible after high school graduation. This could be a whole post in itself—but I believe I would have ultimately been happier sooner by establishing and creating a life that was separate from my parents’ influence. However, if my life would have taken this trajectory I would have perhaps never met my husband and have my two wonderful kids.

2)You have value far beyond what others say about you. Don’t let your high school classmates or parents make you feel poorly about yourself.

3)Don’t ever skip dentist appointments—okay maybe this advice would be more suited to my twenties and beyond.

4)Or as Glinda the good witch would say—you have always had the power my dear you just had to learn it for yourself. So much wisdom there!

4 responses to “Bloganuary—Advice to My Teenaged Self”

  1. bloganuary… love it.. i am sorry you are part of this shit widow club but happy to see you expressing your words out of your heart and mind

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    1. Hi Kevin thank for stopping by. It is a shitty club isn’t it?


      1. the worst. and what a dark perspective it casts on us. i’ve been trying to challenge myself to see the light in my life but it is a constant struggle

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