Bloganuary—leaving your comfort zone

Loving the wordpress blogging prompts–this is a good one!

Watching your husband die of cancer and becoming a widow–it is the kind of leaving your comfort zone that no one wants to experience.

Still though, life must go on. It means finding new ways to be happy that are different than doing things as a couple. For me this meant going on a solo trip. I’ve ordered tickets to music performances and plays to see alone. Really going out of my comfort zone would mean inviting some friends to go along with me. Sounds like a good goal for 2022!

Other sorts of leaving my comfort zone have been more practical—I have become more acquainted with the lawn mower and the snow shovel. My husband really liked doing the outdoor chores when he was alive–I was a bit spoiled in that regard. I did have help with the most of the mowing last year. I think I could leave my comfort zone enough in 2022 to do all of the mowing. Think of all the money I will save. Hopefully I will burn a few calories in the process as well.

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