In Lieu of Flowers

We have all been to a funeral or two if we have been on the planet for several decades. It is one thing to attend a funeral—another thing to be on the other side as the spouse of the person who has just died.

Going through the process I had a million thoughts–some I wish I had written down.

One often sees “In lieu of flowers” mentioned in obituaries. It wasn’t until my husband’s funeral that I understood the wisdom of such a request.

I love flowers. Love them. Houseplants I am not too crazy about. I was incredibly grateful to everyone who had a floral arrangement sent to the funeral home. But in the aftermath the flowers and houseplants were just one more thing to take care of. Things to be watered. Dropping leaves and petals to clean up. Bouquets and houseplants to be disposed of. I have never had good luck with houseplants so I just ended up giving up on the large beautiful houseplant.

I hope you don’t take my words as not being grateful for the flowers. It is just something for me to keep in mind next time I attend a funeral–I will likely find another way to express sympathy instead of sending flowers.

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  1. I totally understand this.

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