Problem Solving

Becoming a widow brought a new batch of problems into my life. The obvious problem of grief. Figuring out to sort through all the red tape that happens with someone’s death—still trying to figure some of that out.

I often trusted my husband to know what the wisest, most cost effective thing to do when it came to home repairs. He was better at troubleshooting and even doing some of the repairs himself. Now here I am in my fifties wondering why I don’t know more about how the world works.

I am sitting at home today on my day off waiting for a repairman to come. Situations like today remind me of how alone in the world I am now. I no longer have my trusted partner to help navigate the problems of everyday life.

It isn’t so much the difficulty these situations bring into my life—-it is the fact that they remind me of being lonely and that my future will be a never ending series of problems to navigate.

Something new in my life that I have to become better about accepting.

3 responses to “Problem Solving”

  1. Each day has its new set of things to accomplish or conquer. One step, one day at a time. ♥

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  2. Definitely one day at a time. I have to tell myself this some days when my brain is on overdrive.


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