Happy Place

As long as I can remember whenever I have found myself surrounded by trees and can no longer see the outside world I feel a sense of magic and tranquility.

There is a local park that gets me very close to this happy place. I try to get there frequently–sometimes with the dog–sometimes not. There is a small lake, with a paved trail that surrounds it. On part of the walk there are trees surrounding both sides of trail. Sometimes I will sit on one of the benches and enjoy the quiet and wonder of being surrounded by trees. I enjoy the moments when I am alone on the trail. But people watching while on the trail is also fun!

My last happy place venture took me further away to a state park. It was a test of memory to get there driving on country roads. I swore to myself I could get there without any help from my phone. I did take a couple wrong turns but it was an enjoyable drive. We’d gone to this state park many times as a family to camp when the kids were younger.

Driving down the country roads I saw a house with a “Fuck Biden” banner. How is that for wholesome living in the country–from the party that is all about family values? LOL.

I made it to the park and found a trail to walk on. I hadn’t done this sort of trail walking in a while. No paved trails–and I better not trip over those tree roots. The walk wasn’t flat either, so I thought I’d better not wander too far away–God forbid I collapse in the middle of nowhere and there is no one to find me. No benches to sit on but I was able to find a log.

I found my new happy place surrounded by trees. I could see no traces of modern life. I could hear the hum of insects and the song of birds. I feel a sense of timelessness, wondering if someone who’d walked amongst these same trees before me experienced everything I am feeling today. The shades of green are soothing and peaceful. There is a light rain on my walk but I am mostly protected by the trees.

I’ll definitely have to return to this state park. Next time I’ll bring a bottle of water and plan on walking the whole trail.

2 responses to “Happy Place”

  1. I love the feeling of being absolutely alone in the woods. A few years ago when I could run longer distances, I’d venture pretty deep into the state forest. To get to the areas where we mountain bike and run, we have to pass those vulgar signs. I don’t know how that became acceptable. It’s much like the guys who hang out in our town square on the fourth of July with assault rifles.

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    1. Assault rifles in the town square–that sounds scary!

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